How to Hang a Quilt on the Wall

How to Hang a Quilt on the Wall Without Holes

A handmade quilt is an exquisite work of art worthy of being displayed. It takes countless hours of labor to create a quilt, and after investing so much of our time in making a quilt, or owning one someone else invested themselves into so heavily, the last thing we want to do is to put holes into the quilt so we can hang it on the wall.

What Is Quilting?

Quilting is a term for stitching multiple layers of fabric together with a needle and thread, or by using fabric glue. It is a centuries-old art form that started out with sewing hundreds of pieces of fabric together to form an entire shirt or blanket. Today’s quilts are made from multiple layers of fabrics and usually have intricate patterns and designs on them.

To get started quilting you only need a few items, a sewing machine, a sturdy sewing table, an iron, fabric and either thread or fabric glue. The more you quilt, the more tools you will find that make quilting more efficient.

What Is A Quilt Show?

If you have a quilt professionally judged and classified, it is entered into a “quilt show.” The judges look at a number of criteria to see if your quilt qualifies as a true work of art. They look at several factors including the arrangement and design of the pattern, the quality of materials used and the overall look of the quilt.

Quilt Rack

Hanging Quilts Without Putting Holes in It

Here are three simple solutions for hanging a quilt on the wall without putting holes in the quilt. These hanging methods work best on a light weight quilt, but can be adapted for use when hanging heavier quilts.

How To Hang A Quilt On A Curtain Rod

Curtain rods come in a wide range of lengths that will adjust to any size quilt or wall space. Attach the curtain rod to the desired wall location according to manufacturer’s instructions, then drape the quilt over it. A large quilt can be folded in half, then draped over the curtain rod and small quilts draped over the curtain rod as is. Choose a curtain rod with decorative end finials for an additional decorative touch.

How To Use Velcro To Hang A Quilt

Velcro is an amazing invention that can keep our shoes on our feet and a quilt on the wall. You will need a roll of adhesive backed Velcro that is 2 inches wide for this quilt hanging method, the Velcro can be purchased at your local sewing supply store.

Cut a strip of the Velcro as long as the top edge of your quilt. Peel off the adhesive and attach one side of the Velcro to the wall where you want to hang the quilt. If you don’t want the Velcro attached directly to your wall, then you will need to cut a strip of lumber (plywood or 1×1) the same length as the top of the quilt. Attach the strip of lumber to the wall with 3-4 screws, then attach the Velcro strip to the wood strip. Peel the adhesive off the sticky side of the Velcro and attach it to the quilt, place the Velcro pieces together and you have a lovely quilt hanging on your wall.

How To Use A Compression Rack To Hang A Quilt

A wooden compression rack can be purchased at your local home supply center and will attach to your wall with screws. The top edge of the quilt will fit into the space between the wooden slats, then turn the knobs until the wooden slats fit snuggly and the quilt is held up by compression. Compression racks are best for holding heavy quilts and/or very large quilts as you can use two or tree compression rack placed side by side to accommodate even the largest of quilts. A wooden compression rack can be painted to enhance the colors of the quilt or to match any room decor color.

New to quilting, see our Tips for Beginners

If you have a large quilt and you don’t want to put holes in it to hang it on the wall, consider making a custom quilt rack to display the quilt. There are many online tutorials that will show you how to make a quilt rack using wooden frames and dowels, plus there are downloadable patterns. Taking your time to create a custom made quilt rack will enhance the beauty of your handmade quilts and let them be displayed on your wall without putting holes in the work of art that is your quilt.

Here are a few tips for making a quilt rack:

1) Plan the size of your quilt rack before cutting any wood. The wooden frame and dowels need to be big enough so that the frame will hold the quilt without putting holes in it.

2) The wood will expand when it absorbs moisture, so allow a little room to ensure that the frame is not too tight on your quilt when it expands. A good rule of thumb is that the frame should fit snugly but not too tight.

3) You do not want to make your quilt rack too small so it won’t hold the quilt tightly or a large quilt will limit the ability to move your other items on the wall. Make sure to allow at least ½ inch on all sides for one way joints.

4) You can add decorative pieces to your quilt rack. There are many downloadable patterns available online for making a wooden frame and dowels.

5) When attaching the wooden frame to the wall, you will need at least two wood screws per corner. This is important so that the wooden frame doesn’t sag when held up on display by the dowels. You can also attach it with brackets or by using glue and staples on the inside of your frame.

6) Glue and staple the dowels to the inside of the frame, then cut two dowels the same length. The dowels will fit into the slats creating a gap in between that your quilt can slide onto.

7) Attach your quilt to the rack with adhesive Velcro or by sewing it into place, this won’t damage your quilt and when your are ready to remove it you can easily pull off Velcro or unsnap a few stitches.

8) To remove a quilt from the rack, first use sand paper to lightly sand the Velcro or remove some stitches. Then find where your quilt is wedged most tightly and pull on the dowel from there to free it up.

9) If you want to store your quilt, then drill two large holes in the frame approximately 6 inches apart and screw two hooks into them so that your quilt won’t get mussed.

10) If you don’t want to go through all the time and effort of making your own wooden frame and dowel quilt rack, then make a wooden frame the size of your quilt, then use a tension rod to hang it up on.

A canvas or cotton fabric wall hanging is beautiful and easy to do. Canvas is available in wide range of colors and the cost is reasonable when compared to the cost of buying a framed painting for your home decorator.


A quilt that can be displayed on your wall but made to fit any decor will be a family heirloom that can be passed down for years to come. A quilt hanging on the wall is a beautiful and practical way to show off your art, create a focal point in your living area or bedroom and remind you of happy times. If you make the quilt with love, then it will add beauty and warmth to any room in your home.

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